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A face to match the words

Manahil Ijaz

Third-culture kid raised in Dubai.
Breathing content for a living

An absolute sucker for travel, art, adventure, impact and new experiences.

Manahil Ijaz
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Henna Art

M & Art

My relationship with art has been one that was introduced to me very early into my childhood. I was passionate about all sorts of art & crafts and specifically the unique art form of henna designing. I picked up a henna cone at the age of 10 and never really let go of it.


I carried it pretty much everywhere I went from high-school, university and even at work, and loved talking about it with strangers and friends alike. I believe that the art of henna is no longer one that is bound to its cultural essence or gender. Yes, I’ve personally done it for men too. 


As a teenage, I relied heavily on painting as a cathartic tool to get me through those rough years of adolescence where everything feels like it’s falling apart and you fight to find yourself amidst all the growing up pressure.


To this date, I enjoy painting for pleasure, usually accompanied by soulful music and a hot cup of tea. This medium of art will always be my first love, my most special friend, the one that helped me get through some of which I thought were the worst bits of life. Laughs x


M & Adventure 

As a child I was very afraid of the big world around me. I was so fearful of speaking out loud that I even befriended my very own imaginary friend. As I grew up, I started to gain confidence by stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things that were not expected of me. And these things were as simple as playing sports, making new friends and allowing myself to express my potential through unconventional ways.


I learnt early on that if I must enjoy life, I need to fight my fears and do what I don’t even know I am capable of. That’s when adventure and I built a strong rapport and never left each other’s side. I love doing new things, travelling and making memories that I know I will cherish forever.


So far, I have traveled within Malaysia, from Highlands to Islands, during my undergrad and enjoyed every bit of sunshine and waves that the universe had to offer me. I’ve also done solo trips to Sri Lanka, Turkey & Georgia and discovered unimaginable solace through it.


I can’t wait to see what life has in store for me, all the adventure that will help me grow, learn and live authentically.

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