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Quarantine Qualms

Updated: Apr 12

The world is our haven, our safe space however these trying moments make us question its prosperity and longevity. Some fight on the battle grounds, hospitals, laboratories, clinics, while others fight mentally just by accepting the difficulties that have presented themselves out of nowhere. We are in a position of great uncertainty, one of anxiety’s best friends. These sudden changes in the environment have burdened many with some unexpected battles of acceptance, challenges with individuals who aren’t capable of focusing on the positive possibilities and ultimately fixating on a lot of those thoughts and realities that were covered under the colorful layers of our social lives, daily routines, companions, dreams and hopes.

The clock ticks yet we do not have anywhere to go, we wait impatiently for the time this calamity is to end. Human nature is brilliant in such situations on how it adapts and innovates through its survival mode. Everyone around me is trying new things to stay sane, physically fit or at least active enough to beat this monster and I wonder how long this could actually take?

If this is something that will end soon, I believe it could have the power to make humankind realize some of the mistakes they have been living for a significant period of their life. Of course only some would realize that is, a large number of us will still return to those self-sabotaging habits.

However if this uncertainty is here to resist for a much longer period of time, I genuinely do not disagree with the idea that humans would turn into caged animals at such a point. My mind coerces me to question the universe: as social beings, how much more of me could you possibly contain? Do you not realize we won’t survive this even if we moved our whole life in this so-called safe space of our homes? This is the survival of the fittest and even natural selection does not see bloodline so who are we to say that we won’t turn against each other? How do we find a safe space in our minds, and is there any way to socially distance ourselves with those who we are forced to survive with now?

Some things remain though; the sun rises with beauty at dawn as the birds begin to celebrate the break of a new day of opportunities and possibilities. As I sit here and ponder over the qualms I have with the current situation, I notice the freedom we have thrust upon these beautiful creatures. By caging the superior species, we may have finally allowed them to live a little freely.

The magnificence of this world is far more noticeable when you step outside after the whole day just hidden under the darkness of this quarantine. I sit here today and wonder, would I genuinely remember this very moment when all this is over? Would I possibly reminisce this camouflaged mental freedom I was given amidst all the massacre? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.


PS: Written during the Lock-down Period in UAE.


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