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Thank you, Love

Thank you, Love

Love, you are the beginning and the end

The break of dawn begins with you

And flocks of birds return home at your sight

You sustain us and we replenish through you

You showcase your infinite bounty by awakening all our senses

A memory, a touch or essence is enough to take the heart to a place

That the mind had to shut its doors to ages ago

Love, you live within us even though invisible to the eye

Even a million miles apart, you are the carrier of the spirit

You are what we’ve always been in search for

In our most peaceful state, you wrap your arms around us

And gently whisper ‘You are enough’

Love, you have gifted us this eternal feeling

You sought out the best in us and liberate our emotions

Witness all our human abilities that nourish other souls

And plant the seeds of gratitude to last a lifetime

Thank you, love

  • A short poem in admiration of the emotion that all humans are made of and share with humanity.


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