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Harmony Over Ecstasy

The feeling of being more than what exists around you. Feeling a part of you light up and finding meanings in all things dull and bland. Standing in front of the mirror and being able to see yourself as a counterpart, an accomplice of someone else’s crazy journey. That feeling where all the pain loses its power and becomes a coward to this growing intention which spreads itself all across your internal wounds & scars. Finding that last straw to get you out of bed on the days where the universe lets you down. Celebrating the silence and powering through the noise with ease and just knowing it’ll be alright. Recognizing that we are floating heavenly in the sky and the rest of which is happening to us is just weather; undoubtedly borne to pass. This is the power of self-actualized love.

This love we speak of is not one that is ecstatic and sensual. This love is one that resides within us, only brought about by certain people, experiences and moments in life, platonic yet spiritually profound. This love stays within us rather than taking from us in any way irrespective of the longevity of its existence. This love makes us want to give, in hopes of being able to intrinsically make a difference, with no expectation of anything in return. When two energies become in sync to make harmony through the power of giving unconditionally, relentlessly and abundantly. It makes your insides crave this feeling of having found a purpose that is so intimate and personal only you can comprehend and experience it. A purpose that brings forth the good in you as a human and spiritual being who partakes in their journeys with awareness and a full heart. A relationship which is dependent on unconditional positive regard for the other person and intentional growth, in learning, challenges and light, for both.

In this world where all things beautiful are confined to labels and reduced to essentially nothing, this love is effortlessly fluid. It doesn’t have a well-thought out reason, a what if and a what now; it arrives right when it is supposed to and leaves in the same manner too. It isn’t ecstasy, excitement and sweaty palms; it’s awe, wonderment and self-love. It makes you question the purpose of your path, your journey and how we are in fact ‘love’. This love inspires and ignites hope and curiosity to the point where you embody it and live it through. The beauty of it is that it has such a strong intensity yet there is equilibrium that is achieved naturally, where the yin and yang coexist harmoniously.


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