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Moving On from 2020

Updated: Apr 12


Before COVID-19, the next best thing was always at sight. The now was blurry and the future as uncertain as it was, was considered “better”. If we had a job, we wanted to get a better job. If we had a family, we wanted to give them a better lifestyle. If we were aspiring to study, we looked at the best possible place of education to attain. The grass always seemed to be greener on the other side despite the fragrance that we were accustomed to on our side. A life where a whole lot of attitude was desirable but gratitude was negligible.

A year felt like a period where we had to grow exponentially in various ways, in all the branches of our life. A year was defined by a period where something special should happen, whether that’s travelling to another country, an academic achievement or even surpassing into another phase of life. Our lives had almost no balance; chaos was the norm and sick leaves also came with a huge load of internal guilt. Unknowingly and quite subconsciously, care for ourselves, our planet and our people was increasingly hindered.


Post COVID19, or whatever that life beyond this life-altering change is going to be, we hope to learn from our time spent indoors and become more aware. We can see the true sanctity of existing in this world, the need to sustain our species and more so the need to keep others alive in order to do so. Life is more about what we can do for others than what we can do for ourselves. The corporate world has understood the true essence of what keeps businesses going; people. Without people, businesses don’t work and without the need in humans for a happier, convenient and fulfilling life businesses don’t flourish. Becoming non-judgmental and modest about our source of income became increasingly important on the economic side of things too.

The best and worst aspect of COVID-19 was that no one was safe from it, not even wealth and power could contain it. So many people realized how adaptable we actually are when the situation demands it from us. This applies to our limits in tolerating our own family, our peers and even our children. Our most vital sign of being the superior species is the undying willingness to first exist and then evolve. I genuinely hope post COVID19 we become better humans; an evolved species that has at least attempted to rid itself of greed, callousness and ego.

Post-COVID19 we hope to find meaning in the little interactions we have with people we love and strangers alike. The true value of a physical handshake and smile should be something we retain from the chaos we persevered through. And for the day when we will be able to fly freely and with ease, I’m sure we will never take a long visa process, the tedious packing of our suitcases and the cramped up leg-room for granted either.

The Shift

I can only speak for myself but I witnessed a whole shift in the way that I perceived the way and cycle of life. Today, I believe today the now is the most real thing you will ever experience. What has passed, is dust and what is to come, just glimmers. Once I started to face the harsher realities of the present moment did I really understand the beauty of life. And this was precisely the first step to developing an attitude of gratitude. For all that comes at me now, I say thank you with a smile and remind myself of the learning that will follow it. For the love and light I am given or not given, from the people who I expect it from and from the people I unexpectedly receive it from, thank you.


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