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To Create

Why create?

Our very core is derived from an innate desire to create. Whether that's creating life, food, shelter, opportunities or possibilities; a human's essence has been known to evolve through the process of creation. Being creative is what allows humanity to find better ways to coexist and thrive as a community.

If humans questioned this phenomenon, we would probably never exist. Procreation is the first need that confirms our ability and strong desire to create something that seems unimaginable at first. We create everything that seems unreal at first and undoubtedly that is what has kept us going for centuries. But what about all those individuals who feel they are not ‘creative’ enough to do so? Do you only create when you have resulted in producing something tangible for the world to see?

The desire to create

Life is the most impermanent thing that exists and most adults have that realization at least once in their life before their time comes. During this bitter realization, we find ourselves discovering all and any ways which allow us to leave a mark on this earth, whether we know how to or not. Sometimes that could look like finding ways to stay on this earth a little longer, taking big leaps of faith to feel more in control of our life or maybe just creating something that has a chance at lasting longer than we do. No wonder having our own offspring was considered fulfilling our life's purpose for the longest time. As humans advanced in the ways of life, we found various other ways to fulfill that desire of creation. One of the biggest examples is content; everyone has a story to tell today and we have found an outlet for just that at the tips of our fingers.

‘But I’m not creative’

The word "creativity" is derived from the Latin creare: to make and the Greek Krelnein: to fulfill.

Often people have the idea that they are not creative or don’t consider themselves ‘artsy’ enough to create. But sometimes it's not the ‘creating’ that needs to be done, but discovering what it is that you actually create in this world, everyday. Creativity requires stepping out of a box provided by the various frameworks in this world and in some way or another, each one of us does that. You may be someone who creates space for someone to speak, or you create opportunities for yourself to be challenged and equipped with the skills to become your own person. Or perhaps you create new definitions of what family life in your 50’s looks like. We all create; just not in the same way as others but with equal impact and passion.

When an unfortunate global event takes place, we find that a few months later, people tend to create a shift in their life. For some that is finally acting on a step they were hesitant to take or sometimes by hitting the pause button on their life. This too is a form of creating; Creating Change. This is one of the biggest examples of how when we need strength to fight the world's collective complacency and injustice, we create. As we create, we see growth and this circle continues on for humanity to exist in a world which will always throw in new challenges from time to time.

What do I create?

How do you find what you create? Simple, just ask yourself what is the one thing you wish to have more of. When you get the answer to that, you might discover that all the things that you do, as insignificant and under-appreciated as they may seem, are just stepping stones to achieve that. For instance, if you want more wealth; perhaps your diligence in getting a job or showing up to that job is what you choose to create everyday. You create opportunities for yourself that allow that ‘want’ to become a reality. Or maybe all you want is to be happy, and you find yourself creating time amidst your busy weeks to ensure you find those moments of splendor. The key here is to be truly vulnerable and honest about what it is that you actually desire. And that will lead you to finding your craft.


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